Pixelwiz finally starts a blog, about half a decade overdue…

Ok, so I really should have started doing this a few years ago, but the important thing is I’m starting now.  Just like a few months ago I’ve finally made a commitment to putting all my appointments in my Google Calendar, today I’m making a commitment to having my own blog.

This week is actually a pivotal week for me.  I’ve discovered a new Krav Maga school right across the street from where I work, and turns out the lady that teaches there is my original teacher’s teacher.  So I’m really excited about getting back into Krav Maga, the best workout I’ve ever done.

Along the same lines of getting fit while having fun, I’ve started taking Salsa and other dance lessons.  Today was my first lesson at a new school thanks to an Amazon Local deal where i got 2 private lessons, a group lesson, and a dance outing with the group.  I’m really looking forward to this in addition to re-starting Krav, continuing tennis, and I don’t want to give up hip-hop lessons either, so I’ll be relying on my calendar.

After missing quite a few meetups, I’ve finally made it back to WebMondays today.  And the topic was Pinterest.  For a techie, I really should have started paying more attention to it like a year or two ago, but better late than never I guess.  I still don’t quite see it’s purpose or that of Twitter, but I think I’m gonna give it a shot, as it should fit right in with starting this blog.

Well, hopefully this will go well.  Got to start looking for the right theme for this thing and then posting category specific posts.  Stay tuned…

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