Pixeltrics’ Logo Evolution

Over the years I’ve gone through a handful of logo designs. Originally it was the Magic Hat and Wand with DVD, VHS and Film coming out of it, that’s when I was primarily doing video editing. Then as I got more into digital media and websites, I tried to edit it to reflect the transition, but I was never quite happy. I found work by Michael Whiting ( http://www.michaelwhiting.com/index.php?/wall/standing/) very inspirational and first tried to imitate it with vector graphics, but wasn’t happy with the result again. So I decided to contact Michael directly, and he sent me a few new elements. I liked the computer wearing the magic hat idea and the new pixelated font for the text. I added my trusted 10 year old Photoshop gold/chrome action to it, and whoa-la. The new logo is live. I still don’t think it’s quite the final version but I finally think it’s a change in the right direction. Thank you Michael, love your art.

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